Names of the Archangels

Michael — “Who is like unto God?” Daniel.10:13; 12:1; Jude v. 9; Revelation. 12:7-8.

Gabriel — “The Powerful or Strong Man of God,” “The Power or Strength of God” Daniel.8:16;9:21; Luke1:19-26. Also called Djibril or Jibril.

Raphael — “The Healing of God” Tobit3:17;12:15. Also called Israfel.

Uriel — “The Light or Fire of God” A.V. II Esdras 4:1. Also called Sariel, Suriel, or Muriel.

Selaphiel —  “The Command, Communicant or Prayer of God”, since command and prayer represent the two forms, or types, of communication: the first one being descendant and the second ascendant. Also called Salathiel, Selathiel, Seraphiel, Sarakiel, Saraqael, Zarachiel, Zerachiel, or Zachariel.

Jedudiel — “The Glory, Laudation or Praise of God.” Also called Jegudiel or Gudiel.

Barachiel — “The Benediction or Blessings of God.” Also called Varachiel.

Raguel — “The Friend of God.” Also called Raziel, which means “The Secrets of God.” Not to be confused with Raphael.

Jeremiel — “The Compassion, Exaltation or Mercy of God” R.V. II Esdras4:36. Also called Jeramiel, Jerahmiel, Jerehmiel, Ramiel, or Remiel.

Anael — “The Grace or Joy of God.” Also called Aniel, Hanael, or Haniel.

Jophiel — “The Beauty of God.” Also called Orifiel, Jouphiel, Zouphiel, Zophiel, Zophkiel, Zaphiel, Zaphkiel, Kaphziel, Cassiel, or Kepharel.

Zadkiel — “The Justice, Righteousness or Uprightness of God.” Also called Sachiel, Tzadkiel, Zadakiel, Zedekiel, or Zedekul.

Lucifer / Satan — “The Light-Bearer” or “The Morning-Star” Isaiah 14:12; “The Enemy” Jude 1:9, Revelation 12:9. Other names for this fallen archangel (or his companions) are: Azael, Azazel, Azrael, Izrael, Izreel, or Uzziel; Camael, Camiel, Camniel, Cancel, Chamuel, Kemuel, Samael, Shemuel, Simiel, or Zamael; Samiaza; Satanael.

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  1. indeed i want you to send me the nemaes of angels and those of war , messenegrs etc by categories too eager to know them and thier owrks
    pastos ylvanus jackson

  2. Steve Jobs says:

    Read the following:

    Dictionary of Angels
    Gustav Davidson
    Free Press, 1967 – Religion – 387 pages
    27 Reviews
    Gustav Davidson’s classic text, A dictionary of Angels: Including the Fallen Angels, is the result of sixteen years of research in Talmudic, gnostic, cabalistic, apocalyptic, patristic, and legendary texts. The classic reference work on angels is beautifully illustrated and its reissue coincides with the resurgence of belief in angels in America. This well researched and exquisitely illustrated dictionary is a wonderful collectable for all those who believe in angels, miracles, lore, and faith.

  3. saviour says:

    want know their names

  4. Karla R Ward says:

    Satan has made amends with God, finally. He’s been with me in my heart the whole time. He made a mistake and paid the price. Let go of your negative feelings about him being a bad guy (being). He makes me smile every time I think of him. Thor wasn’t all that good looking.

  5. john says:

    Uziel is the angel of faith not a fallen angel. Perhaps you should try channeling, and get some real information.

  6. yelu says:

    Chamuel es un angel caido??? por favor, donde esta esta informacion, gracias.

  7. A says:

    Do not be deceived. Satan has most certainly not made amends with God, and cannot do so. God has already pronounced judgement upon him. Satan did not have a sin nature, as man does, but chose to rebel against God. The atonement is only available to man, not angels.

  8. KM says:

    I think Archangel Chamuel is not a fallen angel. He’s one of the 7 Archangels.

  9. G says:

    Lol wow! I’m shocked at the one who thinks Satan made a mistake and is now friends with God. Imagine what God’s thoughts are concerning that matter. Haha. God in all His love is not a man that He should lie or make mistakes or change His mind…. Good grief person! Look at all the destruction… Where do you think it comes from and who inspires it? Hell! You are deceived and need deliverance. We will pray for you to receive God’s Grace. Shame.

  10. Ann Patrick says:

    how old was mother Mary when Gabriel sew him?

  11. Raguel s name means Friend of God His chief role in heaven is to oversee all of the other archangels and angels, to ensure that they re all working together in a harmonious and orderly fashion, according to Divine order and will. If you need help in creating  harmony and resolving conflicts, call upon Raguel.

  12. Kerri says:

    Azrael is not to be mistaken for Azazel – Azrael is the Angel of Death, but is NOT the fallen Angel Azazel
    Chamuel is also one to not be in the Fallen Angel list.

    The name of 15 Archangels are as follows;


    There are probably a lot more, but I do not know their names … yet

    As for Lucifer – he’s not as bad as many assume. Just need to be weary. And who says that God and Lucifer cannot make an agreement?

  13. LiquidDiamond0007 says:

    This is very confusing. ..
    For clarification about the information about Lucifer band nuance spirits Archangel Uzziel and Archangel Chamuel were NEVER with these nuance spirits.
    They have their own legions respectfully under the Ruby ray virtues (Uzziel) and the Love ray virtues of God independently as well as righteously.

    So, please state the pure Truth and as far the rest of this confusing misinformation.
    It’s a Sin to state as fact when you have incorrect sources.



  14. kim says:

    So…in reply to your reference on….” lucifer” not being all that bad??? Are u f****** kidding me?? Soo…we shouldn’t be weary of the Antithesis of God??? Yeah..ok

  15. Chemerea Williams says:

    Im under Archangel Uriel. Email me if you want to know who you are.

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