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The angels-angelology site is written and maintained by two fans of the angelic hosts. We believe our world, while full of angels, is also inhabited by demons. Please enjoy reading the material and we hope you might feel inclined to leave a comment or two.


This website and the love behind it are dedicated to a true angel — my teacher, Stephanie “Collette” Vicarina


5 Responses to “Dedication Page”

  1. rose says:

    I hve been trying to find a website like this for a long time.I like all concerning with angels and I would like to receive some infomation you have. Thank you very much for help us to increase the knowledge of the messenger of God. Thanks.

  2. Tyrone George Asterino says:

    To The Lord
    God Almighty please notice that i Am in plans of tattooing one of your angels name on my skin….. i ask that thou be pleased with this idea as it is an intnent to Me of dear honor….amen… Tyrone George Asterino…06 23 1980…….10:19 Atlantic Medi…. time……

  3. Joern Oehlerich says:

    I like the arts and paintings there are shown on the website. Its good with websites talking about angels.

  4. Brenda M.Jackson says:

    And yang. Pros and cons Angels and Demons do exist in the universe

  5. Brenda M.Jackson says:

    Ying, and yang.

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