Two Kinds of Demons

Not long after God expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, the number of men inhabiting the Earth increased tremendously. From the beginning, God gave Satan certain power over the earthly concerns, and Satan immediately set out to destroy man, either by beguiling the naive humans or by outright corruption. God sent certain angels to protect and spiritually guide the human race. Because He had given these angels free will, He specifically warned them above all things not to defile themselves with contamination from the earth, which would cause them to lose the dignity of their heavenly nature.


God plainly prohibited these “guardian angels” from doing what He considered to be the unpardonable sin — a sin that would make the angels lose any hope of redemption. Despite the warnings from God, while they lived among humans on Earth, Satan convinced the angels that intercourse with the women of Earth would be acceptable. He probably managed this by changing the way God’s instructions were to be perceived. In God’s eyes, this represented a “cardinal sin,” and because of their disobedience, God forbade the angels entrance back into the heavens. From there, they simply fell to the earth.


So the angels who defied God became Satan’s first emissaries and attendants on Earth. But the offspring who were born from these, because they were neither angels nor men, but instead were a bizarre, mutated, nature, were not admitted into hell, just as their angelic fathers were not readmitted into heaven.

This led to two different kinds of demons: one of heaven; the other of the earth. The latter are the wicked spirits, instigators of all evils done –Satan is their prince. He is supreme ruler of the evil demons.

It is interesting to think that all demons are not evil. Our word is derived from the Greek daimon which actually means “lesser god, guiding spirit, tutelary deity.” This is how we have “demons” of both the earth and heaven. It represents a semantic game, to be sure, but words mean what they mean.

Poets recognize both kinds of demons. The poets know both to be demons, and so describe them. Hesiod, a Greek oral poet generally thought by scholars to have been active between 750 and 650 BC, says this about them:

“These are the demons according to the will of Zeus, Good, living on the earth, the guardians of mortal men.”


Greek philosophers also discuss these beings. Plato even attempted to explain their natures in his “Banquet;” and Socrates claimed there was a demon continually about him, who had become attached to him when he was a boy, whose will and direction guided his life.


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  1. Floretta Godinho says:

    I genuinely appreciate your piece of work, Great post.

  2. olabayo says:

    well explained

  3. Arne says:

    Lucifer fell from God’s grace because he didn’t want to serve man which he felt was below him. God showed how wrong Lucifer was when Jesus (God) came in human form came on earth humbly to serve man. They didn’t fall from God’s grace because of human intercourse. In fact scriptures says when the sons of God married the daughters of men their children were heroes of old, men of renown. Heroes meaning the good guys not villains. Even God himself overshadowed Mary.

  4. Haely Aurelius says:

    i read several article that said lucifer is demon’s leader, but also about satan is the leader. what the different betwen those two. pls share to me. regards

  5. Morne says:

    Lucifer Morningstar was the name of the arch angel (the Bringer of light – Morningstar) before he was cast out of heaven, to which his given name then was changed to Satanael and the name Satan was derived from this given name, which in translation means (the Lord of the Earth / the Prince of Darkness). So as to come back to your comment and question of Haely Aurelius. Lucifer and Satan is one and the same. Many know him as Lucifer Morningstar the Fallen Angel and many know his as Satan the Prince of Darkness.

    • Valenfur says:

      true. but in the satanic bible, it states there being 4 kings and satan and lucifer being different. the irony of such is the name Lucifer is Latin and also is shown as a Roman God. but even if Lucifer and Satan are the same they do not connect to Baphomet who is seen as its own being and is chances are one of these Non-evil demons that work entirely on their own. as Baphomet is seen to teach Alchemy and such. also why on his arms are the tattoos Sole ET coagula which are Alchemic terms meaning Dissolve and Create. and the representation he uses pointing to the sky and earth representing As above so Bellow. nor is he seen as Evil for the most part although the pentagram is shown as a goats head.

  6. Valenfur says:

    so I guess you could also state the non-evil demons came to be other pagan gods and ones that are not fully evil.

  7. Misty says:

    I think the cardinal sin was to use their power to hurt man instead of helping them since half angels had powers the sons of man didn’t. I think a battle with the angels took place that took away earth bound angels powers to do harm to man. And since God formed a covenant with the sons of man the could sin and not repent and still go to Heaven. The ones of Satan’s blood or fallen Angel’s bloodline didn’t have a chance to see heaven. There was no covenant for them until Yeshua.
    Mary and Joseph were of that mixed breeding (Blood of Satan) But they were such good people, that obeyed all His laws. And the sons of man were all breaking them never asking for forgiveness and would see Heaven but Joseph andary didn’t even have the option.
    That’s what the sayng Blood of Jesus, blood of Satan was about it wasn’t sacreligious it was Jesus giving his life for those of us with Satan’s blood, so if we did right and asked for forgiveness we could see Heaven, too.
    And thats why the Mason’s and such followed the blood of Jesus. So the could keep their bloodlines pure so they wouldnt have to live by the law.

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