Forgotten Books of Eden

Chapter 30

Adam receives the first worldly goods.

AFTER these things, God commanded the angel Gabriel to go down to the garden, and say to the cherub who kept it, “Behold, God has commanded me to come into the garden, and to take thence sweet smelling incense, and give it to Adam.”

2 Then the angel Gabriel went down by God’s order to the garden, and told the cherub as God had commanded him.

3 The cherub then said, “Well.” And Gabriel went in and took the incense.

4 Then God commanded His angel Raphael to go down to the garden, and speak to the cherub about some myrrh, to give to Adam.

5 And the angel Raphael went down and told the cherub as God had commanded him, and the cherub said, “Well.” Then Raphael went in and took the myrrh.

6 The golden rods were from the Indian sea, where there are precious stones. The incense was from the eastern border of the garden; and the myrrh from the western border, whence bitterness came upon Adam.

7 And the angels brought these three things to God, by the Tree of Life, in the garden.

8 Then God said to the angels, “Dip them in the spring of water; then take them and sprinkle their water over Adam and Eve, that they be a little comforted in their sorrow, and give them to Adam and Eve.

9 And the angels did as God had commanded them, and they gave all those things to Adam and Eve on the top of the mountain upon which Satan had placed them, when he sought to make an end of them.

10 And when Adam saw the golden rods, the incense and the myrrh, he was rejoiced and wept because he thought that the gold was a token of the kingdom whence he had come, that the incense was a token of the bright light which had been taken from him, and that the myrrh was a token of the sorrow in which he was.

6 Responses to “Forgotten Books of Eden”

  1. timi uzakah says:

    please where on earth was the garden of eden situated and what race do adam and eve come from ? where they europeans or africans?

    • IChen says:

      The garden of Eden was somewhere in Mesopotamia, in the middle east. Adam and eve belonged to no race, since they they had no ancestors.

    • Jay says:

      The world that was before the flood was completely and totally annihilated. The single continent that was before the flood was broken asunder. Before the flood there were no high mountains such as Everest or the Alps. All of this came about as a result of a huge, earth changing cataclysm. The earth as we know it now, only came about after the flood, and so to answer you, Eden was no where on the earth land masses as they are configured now. Thus it will never be located, in spite of certain theologies. It was not in Iraq (Mesopatamia) since that land did not exist before the flood. All races descend first from Adam, and then from Noah. In Noah was the DNA of all humans of all colors. The scripture is clear on this

  2. G says:

    Yip… Garden of Eden was in Iran aka Persia. We are all made in the image of God… But considering that Persia was the first and earliest civilized country… It is safe to assume that they borne an eastern/Persian race…hence we hail from them. We are seed of Abraham who was called from the land of Ur (which was and consequently still is a desert… Also found in Persia). After Isaac and Jacob, the population expanded. So I would assume the genealogy would suggest that Adam and Eve were more eastern…Iranian.

  3. Brenda M.Jackson says:

    God is everything that we’ll ever need and race does not matter that was a crowd of people which was God’s chosen people in the beginning of the foundation of the Earth and the strength and healing of God live in the garden of Eve let those with hearing ears hear and see in eyes see.

  4. Guest says:

    What is the source for this?

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