Names of the Archangels

Michael — “Who is like unto God?” Daniel.10:13; 12:1; Jude v. 9; Revelation. 12:7-8.

Gabriel — “The Powerful or Strong Man of God,” “The Power or Strength of God” Daniel.8:16;9:21; Luke1:19-26. Also called Djibril or Jibril.

Raphael — “The Healing of God” Tobit3:17;12:15. Also called Israfel.

Uriel — “The Light or Fire of God” A.V. II Esdras 4:1. Also called Sariel, Suriel, or Muriel.

Selaphiel —  “The Command, Communicant or Prayer of God”, since command and prayer represent the two forms, or types, of communication: the first one being descendant and the second ascendant. Also called Salathiel, Selathiel, Seraphiel, Sarakiel, Saraqael, Zarachiel, Zerachiel, or Zachariel.

Jedudiel — “The Glory, Laudation or Praise of God.” Also called Jegudiel or Gudiel.

Barachiel — “The Benediction or Blessings of God.” Also called Varachiel.

Raguel — “The Friend of God.” Also called Raziel, which means “The Secrets of God.” Not to be confused with Raphael.

Jeremiel — “The Compassion, Exaltation or Mercy of God” R.V. II Esdras4:36. Also called Jeramiel, Jerahmiel, Jerehmiel, Ramiel, or Remiel.

Anael — “The Grace or Joy of God.” Also called Aniel, Hanael, or Haniel.

Jophiel — “The Beauty of God.” Also called Orifiel, Jouphiel, Zouphiel, Zophiel, Zophkiel, Zaphiel, Zaphkiel, Kaphziel, Cassiel, or Kepharel.

Zadkiel — “The Justice, Righteousness or Uprightness of God.” Also called Sachiel, Tzadkiel, Zadakiel, Zedekiel, or Zedekul.

Lucifer / Satan — “The Light-Bearer” or “The Morning-Star” Isaiah 14:12; “The Enemy” Jude 1:9, Revelation 12:9. Other names for this fallen archangel (or his companions) are: Azael, Azazel, Azrael, Izrael, Izreel, or Uzziel; Camael, Camiel, Camniel, Cancel, Chamuel, Kemuel, Samael, Shemuel, Simiel, or Zamael; Samiaza; Satanael.

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  1. indeed i want you to send me the nemaes of angels and those of war , messenegrs etc by categories too eager to know them and thier owrks
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