Human Interaction with Angels

Many Americans believe in the existence of angels – in fact, a recent Gallup poll shows that 69% of Americans believe in angels. Seventy-five percent between the ages of 18 – 25 believe that these winged emissaries of God make themselves known to humans.


We live in an uncertain world, and in such unstable times, people turn to angels in an attempt to find security, power, control, and meaning in their lives. And why not? By definition, angels are supernatural beings with obvious supernatural powers who mediate between God and mortals.

Because of the humanistic, secular environment prevalent in today’s world, a conspiracy of silence exists as far as paranormal phenomenon is concerned. People tend to keep paranormal experiences quiet – afraid of being ridiculed.


Many scientists claim that an angel experience has a biological explanation. They think of such experiences as a sort of physiological event, similar to a hallucination, but not as vague as hallucinations. People who claim to have come in contact with angels describe a vivid, often life-changing experience. Since literally millions of people claim to have had angelic experiences, it’s impossible to believe they all are deluded. If people are pathologically hallucinating, there should be individual, chaotically random stories – but the vast majority of angel stories fall into a specific pattern.

The presence of angels is not limited to specific age groups or to life-threatening situations. When they do make their presence known, angels appear as humans, or sometimes as a light. They can communicate with mortals – as evidenced in the Bible and other holy texts.


Many people who survive near-death experiences claim the Angel of Death is usually a loving, benevolent figure. That angel is not always fearsome as we may think. Angels such as the Angel of Death sometime offer glimpses to the other side. The Angel of Death is any angel to whom God delegates the power to take a mortal’s life and guide them to the next phase of their existence. If a person’s time on Earth is not yet complete, angels will appear to encourage that person to hang on to life.

Luminous beings appear at the time of death to ease the passage to the other side. At death, angels can appear as animals or other entities, such as clouds, or smoke. Dying people claim that angels appear to offer a glimpse of what lies on “the other side.”


Angels will appear to healthy people bringing a premonition of death. In fact, people have actually experienced an angel who saved their lives – the concept of the Guardian Angel. These angels appear to protect the innocent and to keep people from harm. People claim to have had ‘real’ experiences with angels, mostly in a spiritual nature, although case after case documents actual physical intervention by the spiritual beings.

Humans realize that the existence of guardian angels is necessary and important to us — humans are creatures in need of spiritual guidance and protection. These supernatural guardians are assigned to each individual to be their guide and to assist and comfort them in times of problems and trouble. Countless books and movies have tackled the topic. Up to this day, it is still unknown if every person has several angels or if an angel looks after several people. Whatever the truth, and whether you believe in the concept or not, this is still a mysterious and amazing facet of life.


We must never mistake our angels for spirit guides. Angels will not to run people’s lives, but instead will do whatever specific task  they have been sent to accomplish. Angels cannot show free will in deciding who needs help and how such help should come. Nor should they ever interfere with a human’s free will. People can and do not seek out angels – but if they come, they will come based on God’s will and timing. Angels can instruct mortals, save them under certain circumstances, assist them, guide them, reassure them, and / or warn them.


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  1. yasmin howard says:

    My Boyfriend And I Experience The Work Of Angels, Interacting Through Holy Spiritualism This Is The Work Of God As Angels Are His Messengers And They Get Given This Work By God Himself. My Boyfriend And I Can Feel Eachothers Pesence Even Though Miles Apart He Feels So Near. Involves Touching Hearing Communicating And Sensing Danger Or Hurt With One Another. This Is Unusaul In Many Cases But Thier Are Few People Out There That Experience The Same. I Ask Myself Sometimes Why Terrence And I I Got Answer To Do With Pastlife Something About Our Past Could Involve Reincarnation Thats The Answer I Got On Asking So I Left It At That I Hope Popele In Similar Circumstances Read And Compare Mine And Terrence,s Experiience Because Of This He WONT Let Me Go.

    • Selah says:

      dear Jasmin

      ive a post below for you

      may the love of Yeshua shine upon you and yours!

      ask Him (Yeshua) and He will answer

      seek Him and He will be found

  2. Selah says:

    read book of Jude

    reincarnation and truth have nothing to do with another

    man is appointed ONE death then on to eternity with or without Gods presence (heaven or hell)

    we are to tests all spirits; no spirit is a deceased person; angel worship or seeking is warned against

    look at how the first couple seriously tainted all creation thru interaction with a fallen angel who appeared wise and helpful

    do not seek angela but the Creator of all

    selah … stop and consider

  3. Selah says:

    moderator : if possible edit “angela” to “angels”

    thank you

  4. Selah says:

    by Gods choice ive had many angelic assists and encounters

    all were either to help myself in situations where natural help were not available readily as well as events that lifted His name and gave all recognition and revelation of Father Son and Holy Spirit

    supernatural – natural but superceding my own human abilities

    very good article :) good point on how Gods angels are not spirit guides

    remembering the Book of Jude


  5. Michael says:

    I came to this site looking to find out more about angels interacting and talking to humans. My own interaction was with 12 angels that stood around me many miles tall. Their harmonious voice stated that they were at my side to guide and protect me. I was in awe, scared, and in bewilderment. I asked them back “knowing you exist? how can i go on living on this plane of existence?” Their response was that I could elevate to the next plane if i chose to. At that moment earth disappeared and i felt a new awaking in a incredible but unusual landscape. . Realizing that leaving my body and earth would mean that my family, and friends would be left behind without answers as to where and why I left. I felt sad that i would not get to say goodbye. I stated out loud that I wasn’t ready to go. At that moment everything immediately went back to normal. The angels were gone. But the last thing they did was to show me about 10-15 seconds of Nirvana or afterlife. I have to say it was peaceful, beautiful, and a moment that i will never forget. This happened in 2011 and I have not seen from or heard from them since. I have tried much harder to be a more loving and helpful person to my fellow human being since this happened. And by far my life has been more rewarding and enjoyable for it. Thank you Angels

  6. John says:

    I agree they appear in people’s life Michael to make you more loving to other humans to demonstrate to others THERE IS SOMETHING OUT THERE. I believe it 100 percent. So there are definitely good reasons to seek people in the name of love …

  7. John says:

    You can actually make yourself into an angel based on your angelic encounters.

  8. Maria esquivel says:

    Wow,you’re so lucky to have that experiance. I wish one day they come to me and I can see them and I can also fel their love. I’m looking for a better life,a peaceful life.I need them close to me.

  9. Echo says:

    I saw an Angel recently. It is in my mind all the time. My question is why? I am not a spectacular person, maybe a little peculiar. I felt afraid and ashamed in front of him/her. I have so many questions. I am nervous to speak to anyone about it for fear that I am insane or lying. I was in my right mind, do not drink or do drugs. I am not a religious fanatic, however, I do believe in My Lord Jesus Christ.
    It was phenomenal! I still wonder, why me? I tried to contact a spiritual woman, who never got back to me. Please someone tell me something!

  10. Hope says:

    I had a life changing experience about five years ago. I am not religious but more spiritual and have always believed in a higher power but am in no way fanatical. I’m just a single mom that is and has always been of sound mind. Please bear with me as this is the first time that I have publicly explained this and it is very hard to find the words to use that due it justice. I was visited by an angel that was about 7 to 9 feet tall. The angel was a radiant luminous golden being of light. I was unable to sleep and suddenly had a feeling that something was coming and felt compelled to open the door and look up to the sky. Not seeing anything in the thin strip of visible sky down our narrow block of three story rowhouses, the urge to go upstairs to my bedroom overtook me. Standing at the window in my bedroom I was overcome by awe when I had to backup to make room for what was first a great light that seemed to come right through the wall. This was the brightest light I had ever seen yet it didn’t hurt my eyes. The light then seemed take shape in the form of this radiant golden light being. As I stared at it the light of its body shimmered with glistening multifaceted points of lights in every color. I was overcome with the deepest feeling of love and joy I had ever experienced. This being communicated to me telepathically that it was here to help me. In trying to understand what was happening, I asked questions about how and why we were here. The answers were shown to me and it was explained that the veil of time was being pulled back so that I could percieve these answers. The angels name was Rachel and it was shown to me that I was here in a maternal capacity. The reality of my home seemed to fade into the background as I was taken on a journey throughout time without ever leaving the room. This ended in what I perceived to be an epic flood covering everything in an ocean of torrents with no land to be seen. Suddenly the joy that had overwhelmed me turned to fear when I thought of my children and I found myself running upstairs to my girls room to tell them that we had to move to higher ground and we needed to get to my dad’s house in the Poconos. At that point I seemed to come fully back into awareness of this reality and the angel was gone. This has been the most profound thing that’s ever happened to me. I have spent these past years trying to understand and see if anyone else has had an experience like this and this website is as close as I have been able to find. If anyone can help me in anyway to understand what happened to me or has any advice on who I could speak to that may be able to help, I would be eternally grateful. Thank you.

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