Human Interaction with Angels

Many Americans believe in the existence of angels – in fact, a recent Gallup poll shows that 69% of Americans believe in angels. Seventy-five percent between the ages of 18 – 25 believe that these winged emissaries of God make themselves known to humans.


We live in an uncertain world, and in such unstable times, people turn to angels in an attempt to find security, power, control, and meaning in their lives. And why not? By definition, angels are supernatural beings with obvious supernatural powers who mediate between God and mortals.

Because of the humanistic, secular environment prevalent in today’s world, a conspiracy of silence exists as far as paranormal phenomenon is concerned. People tend to keep paranormal experiences quiet – afraid of being ridiculed.


Many scientists claim that an angel experience has a biological explanation. They think of such experiences as a sort of physiological event, similar to a hallucination, but not as vague as hallucinations. People who claim to have come in contact with angels describe a vivid, often life-changing experience. Since literally millions of people claim to have had angelic experiences, it’s impossible to believe they all are deluded. If people are pathologically hallucinating, there should be individual, chaotically random stories – but the vast majority of angel stories fall into a specific pattern.

The presence of angels is not limited to specific age groups or to life-threatening situations. When they do make their presence known, angels appear as humans, or sometimes as a light. They can communicate with mortals – as evidenced in the Bible and other holy texts.


Many people who survive near-death experiences claim the Angel of Death is usually a loving, benevolent figure. That angel is not always fearsome as we may think. Angels such as the Angel of Death sometime offer glimpses to the other side. The Angel of Death is any angel to whom God delegates the power to take a mortal’s life and guide them to the next phase of their existence. If a person’s time on Earth is not yet complete, angels will appear to encourage that person to hang on to life.

Luminous beings appear at the time of death to ease the passage to the other side. At death, angels can appear as animals or other entities, such as clouds, or smoke. Dying people claim that angels appear to offer a glimpse of what lies on “the other side.”


Angels will appear to healthy people bringing a premonition of death. In fact, people have actually experienced an angel who saved their lives – the concept of the Guardian Angel. These angels appear to protect the innocent and to keep people from harm. People claim to have had ‘real’ experiences with angels, mostly in a spiritual nature, although case after case documents actual physical intervention by the spiritual beings.

Humans realize that the existence of guardian angels is necessary and important to us — humans are creatures in need of spiritual guidance and protection. These supernatural guardians are assigned to each individual to be their guide and to assist and comfort them in times of problems and trouble. Countless books and movies have tackled the topic. Up to this day, it is still unknown if every person has several angels or if an angel looks after several people. Whatever the truth, and whether you believe in the concept or not, this is still a mysterious and amazing facet of life.


We must never mistake our angels for spirit guides. Angels will not to run people’s lives, but instead will do whatever specific task  they have been sent to accomplish. Angels cannot show free will in deciding who needs help and how such help should come. Nor should they ever interfere with a human’s free will. People can and do not seek out angels – but if they come, they will come based on God’s will and timing. Angels can instruct mortals, save them under certain circumstances, assist them, guide them, reassure them, and / or warn them.


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